Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer
Thank you for buying a pair of Freestyle shoes.
By choosing our products you have chosen to support local South African manufactured footwear
wholly made at the foot of table Mountain by enthusiastic local craftsmen and women. We strive constantly to improve and offer you the best available materials and technical innovations to present you with a durable, comfortable and value for money boot, sandal or shoe.
If you have any comments, just write to me - I would love to hear from you.
Colour variations, imperfections, blemishes and natural marks are your guarantee of True natural genuine leathers.

Grant N. Munro

Orders, Prices & Delivery:
Prices valid for 3 months
Prices based on Rand / US Dollar exchange rate
Prices includes VAT @ 14%
Prices includes transport costs to any valid address in South Africa.
Deliveries: 2-3 weeks from date of confirmed(payment received) order.
No orders placed after 30 October can be guaranteed for delivery before Christmas shutdown

Factory visits are by appointment only. We do not have factory shop facilities. Please contact the factory for further information required.

E & O.E


Care Instructions
In order for your Freestyle shoes to give you great value for your money, we recommend you adhere to the following:

  • Shoes should be alternated from day to day to prolong their life span - perspiration build up is a major reason for footwear failure.
  • Immediate repair is advised as soon as shoes start showing signs of wear.
  • Avoid environments with oils, petrols, diesels, chemicals and solvents. These will corrode and destroy the soles of your shoes.


Maintain you product by cleaning the leather regularly to remove dust and initial dirt. Wipe shoes with a lightly damp cloth using lukewarm water and a mild soap. This will prevent discolouration of the leather.
When shoes are wet, stuff with paper (not newspaper) to help maintain their shape.
Do not machine wash or submerge or soak your shoes in water as this damages the glues, leathers and other materials used.
Do not use strong detergents, bleach or ammonia on your Freestyle shoes.

Dry slowly using natural air circulation at room temperature; do not subject the product to a direct heat source.
Paper can be used to stuff the product in the drying process to help absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the product.
Allow shoes to dry for at least 48hrs before wearing them.

Nubuck and Suede Shoes
Regularly clean with a soft brush to remove surface dirt. Oily liquids will be absorbed into the nubuck or suede and are impossible to remove - so it is infinitely better to pre-treat the leather prior to first use with a suitable protector. Do not use a wire brush as this damages the surface. Clean with either a stiff nylon or hard rubber brush. Some stains can be removed using a suitable cleaning product. Expect a slight colour change - very often a shade darker.

Waterproof Treatment
Used in wet conditions leather will experience a gradual loss of its water resistant qualities, and if untreated the leather will slowly harden and crack. For best results regular application of a shoe care cream or polish is essential. The more extreme the conditions the more frequent the care needs to be.
Pre-treat your new shoes before wearing them with an appropriate protector (eg. Leather, Suede and Fabric Protectors). This will waterproof and stain-proof the shoes and prolong the life and enjoyment of your shoe and keep them looking good for longer.

General Care
Do not over apply leather waterproofing treatment to the product especially to the lace hardware.
Always test a polish or cream on an inconspicuous part of the shoe before applying it to the whole shoe in case of incompatibility or colour variations.
To prevent foot odours and bacterial build, deodorizing and antibacterial powders and sprays are available from most footwear retailers.
Take time to walk your new shoes in and allow them to take the shape of your feet. Laces should always be undone before shoes are put on or taken off.

Exchanging of shoes
Workmanship & Component Quality Guarantee
Freestyle will exchange or repair shoes with quality related issues provided, that they are returned within three months of purchase. We regret that we will not be able to exchange shoes where there has been improper care or excessive wear and tear.